Temec have developed our own in house Quality Management system which has been tailored, continually improved, and updated to ensure that the best quality of workmanship and management systems are utilised to provide a top class service and installation for all our clients.

The system is utilised from project commencement to project completion stage and covers both the contract administration procedures, and installation requirements, to ensure delivery of top quality projects to our clients.

The administration quality procedures have been developed to ensure timely, clear and concise communication with all parties, and the construction quality procedures developed to ensure the very highest standard within the industry.

Temec have also been involved in a number of projects incorporating Energy and Efficient Design including Block H Central Park (LEED Gold), 21 Charlemont (LEED Gold) No1 Molesworth Street (LEEd Platinum), RDS Offices (BREEAM)

In addition Temec have been involved in a number of BCAR projects and have developed, as part of their quality procedures, a BCAR system which ensures compliance with the BCAR materials and inspection requirements.